PlayStation 4 controllers that will enhance your playing

It’s a jungle out there, and you can’t let the Noobmaster69s of the world run you ragged.

man tossing playstation controller
Your new control probably cannot hover, but that's overrated anyway.Florian Gagnepain via Unsplash

If football is a “game of inches,” then video games are a “game of microseconds.” The slightest lag can cost you dearly, so you need to be sure that the controller you hold in your hand isn’t going to lock up or miss a game-saving button mash.

Although Sony offers a few design options for its PS4 gamers, other manufacturers have also tagged in with high-end, high-performance options to entice the hardcore (or anyone who’s thrown a standard PS4 controller against the wall in the fit of rage and now needs a replacement). These three are among the top of the list for performance, function, and style.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller V2
A larger grip.Amazon

Are you a PS4 gamer who secretly prefers the hefty Xbox controller? Suffer controller envy no longer with the Nacon Revolution. It feels less small and nimble than the standard PS4 controller, which is a bonus for people who just don’t have the finger dexterity of others—the bigger triggers and buttons make it more user-friendly. The controller also has internal memory capable of storing up to 4 gamer profiles. The thumb pads feel smooth, with good stick maneuverability–and can also be connected to a PC via Bluetooth.

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition
Designed with the hardcore gamer in mind.Amazon

The Razer is another controller with a chunkier design for those who prefer a little heft in their controller. But the biggest selling point is its complete customization. Through a mobile app, gamers can remap their buttons and adjust button/thumbstick sensitivity levels – it even has a “hair trigger” mode. Asymmetrical thumbstick placement feels more natural than the aligned PS4 standard and for style points, the Razer also has cool “Chroma Lighting” around its touchpad.

SCUF Vantage
Take full control.Scuf

Although pricey, the SCUF Vantage is a fully customizable gaming samurai sword. From its springy triggers to its mappable back paddles (which can be accessed with extended index fingers – not an instinctual way of playing, but gives gamers options based on their comfort level), it’s a big-time performer. It also boasts an extremely practical bonus extra: An integrated audio touchpad that can be used to adjust the game volume on the fly or—better yet—instantly mute annoying trash talkers.