Put the world’s smallest bottle opener on your keychain

Pry.Me makes an awesome stocking stuffer.

Surely there is no worse feeling than bringing the beer and forgetting the opener. No-one deserves that kind of letdown over the holidays. But with Pry.Me, you should always have an opener on your keychain. This tiny titanium device can lift 164,000 times its own weight—so bottle tops should pose no problem. You can grab this stocking stuffer now for $10.99 at the Popular Science Shop.


Billed as the world’s smallest bottle opener, Pry.Me makes a penny look massive. In fact, you could lay 10 of these openers side by side on a piece of gum. Being so incredibly small means that Pry.Me can latch onto your keychain without adding extra bulk.

Despite the compact size, this little opener packs a punch. Made from sandstone-finished Grade 5 titanium, it can remove even the toughest caps. It also comes with a heavy-duty keyring, which gives you extra leverage. Pry.Me makes a great stocking stuffer for beer-loving friends, or a brilliant gift to yourself.

You can currently grab one for $10.99, two for $19.99, or a three-pack for just $26.99.