This $19 training helps you become a certified project manager

Get 22 hours of video instruction and launch your new career.

From manufacturing to finance, project managers are always in demand. If you want to jump into this lucrative career, the Project Management (CAPM) Certification Training Bundle offers some essential training. Through 22 hours of video lessons, you learn key leadership skills and prepare for the globally-recognized CAPM exams. You can get the bundle now for only $19 at the PopSci Shop.

They say great leaders are born not made, but that’s not always true. The most successful project managers are well organized and good at communicating—just two of the skills you will learn with this training.

Through concise video lessons, you discover how to cut costs, save time and work with the various stakeholders on any project. The introductory course also helps you master the various frameworks used at top companies, including Agile and Scrum. Meanwhile, the software estimation course shows you how to calculate the cost and timeframe for any development project—essential if you plan to work in tech.

You then work towards becoming a Certified Associate of Project Management. This certification can open doors in any industry, and the course provides full prep for the exam. Along the way, you learn about communication and risk management.

It’s worth $897, but you can get the training now for $19.