For all the confidence and joy they give you, your favorite pair of heels don’t always love your feet. That’s where these sole-saving products come in. With a little help, you can get through your busy conference day, your night out, or your big presentation without a single Band-Aid.

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Wearing that new pair of heels for the first time is often a problem. The compliments are a great ego boost, but is that worth the inevitable blisters and broken skin? Luckily with these heel cushion Inserts, you can flaunt your new kicks and not worry about painful blisters. Each insert sits in the back of the shoe and curves up the heel. The soft suede material protects your delicate skin from rubbing, while the plastic backing sticks into the shoe perfectly to prevent sliding. They’re also reusable and can be washed.

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If you have a long day of standing in high heels, the balls of your feet can really suffer. With metatarsal pads, you’ll be able to stand for hours with less ache in the balls of your feet. The pads stick to the bottom of any shoe and help protect your bones and relieve pressure. These are more than just foot padding or regular inserts because they also help correct the alignment of the bones in your feet for healthier wear.

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These are great for heeled booties or for anyone who feels comfortable wearing socks with their shoes. When your feet get sweaty, you’re more likely to slide around in your shoes, causing blisters, and potentially injuring yourself. These no-show socks are a total luxury when it comes to heels. Not only do they keep your feet dry, they also provide both cushion and support for the ball and arch of the foot. The silicone anti-slip patch on the back of the sock keeps it in place all day.

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We’ve all been there: you’re at an outdoor wedding with your nicest pair of stilettos and all of a sudden you sink into the grass. Not only is it difficult to stay upright, but you’ve now ruined your heels with mud. With the Gogoheel Stoppers, you can protect your shoes from damage, but more importantly, protect yourself from injury. Made of strong, flexible rubber, they come in four sizes that will fit your heels perfectly. The flower design prevents sinking into the ground and getting your heel caught in sidewalk cracks or between floor openings.

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try, a pesky blister still forms on your foot. Whether it’s on the back of your heel or right along the edge of your pinky toe, blisters are painful and annoying. Dr. Frederick’s Original Blister Bandages keep blisters protected and help to heal them in the process. These bandages cushion the blister and provide waterproof protection that stays on for days.