Upgrade your internet security with Private Internet Access VPN

This trusted VPN protects your privacy and lets you access great content.

Both private companies and governments use the web to track our activity every day. What’s more, the problem is getting worse—so you might want to think about protecting yourself. Private Internet Access VPN makes you totally anonymous online and helps you access great geo-blocked content. You can currently get two years of service for $59.95 via the Popular Science Shop.

All the big online platforms spy on their users—that’s how Facebook knows what products you have viewed on Amazon. If you would prefer a little privacy, you need a VPN. Private Internet Access routes your web traffic through masking servers, meaning no-one can trace your IP address or physical location. Aside from privacy, this means you can access overseas streaming sites and protect yourself from cyber criminals.

This VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and impressive speed, thanks to a network of 3,310 servers in 25 countries. You can protect up to five devices simultaneously, with one-click installers for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Private Internet Access also blocks ads and malware, keeping you safe online.

You can grab a two-year subscription now for $59.95, saving 63 percent on the regular price ($166).