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It seems like everyone wants a piece of your data nowadays. Social networks, online advertisers and government agencies all work hard to invade your privacy. If you want to take back control, Private Internet Access VPN can help. This award-winning service disguises your true online identity, meaning no-one can track you. Right now, you can get a one-year subscription for just $49.99 via the PopSci Shop—and use code weekend25 for an extra 25 percent off.

The VPN works by routing your traffic through masking servers to hide your IP address and physical location. In addition, all your data is protected by strong AES encryption—important if you regularly use insecure public Wi-Fi networks. Private Internet Access can also block malware, ads and suspicious connections.

With 3,300 servers in 32 countries, Private Internet Access VPN lets you bypass local restrictions. You get unlimited bandwidth on up to five devices, with easy-to-install apps available on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Order now for $49.99 to get your one-year subscription, worth $119.40. Upgrade to two years ($59.99) or three years ($79.99) via the deal page for even bigger savings.

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