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Start a new career with 150 hours of training for $45.

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With new platforms and apps launching every day, coding skills are more valuable than ever. Whether you want to become a full-time programmer or simply add to your résumé, the Premium 2020 Learn to Code Certification Bundle offers the perfect education. This vast learning library includes 12 courses and 150 hours of content, helping you to master popular languages and become a certified coder. You can get lifetime access now for just $45 at the PopSci Shop—and save an extra 20 percent with code 20LEARN20.

To build a career in code, it is important to have a diverse set of skills to draw from—hence, this bundle covers a range of programming essentials.

The line-up includes three courses on Python programming. This versatile language is perfect for building software and handling data. The same goes for the course on Java, which includes 200 coding exercises.

If you want to start building custom websites, the courses on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript provide some essential knowledge. You can also learn AngularJS, Express and MongoDB—three frameworks that are used by many startups. You’ll also dive into Big Data and discover how to build MySQL databases.

Worth $2,700 in total, this huge learning library is now just $45.