PPX: The Final Countdown

PPX coming to the end of its two-year run

The PopSci Predictions Exchange will come to an end on May 31. It’s been an amazing two years, with 33,339 registered users betting on the future of our scientific and technological world. We extend our appreciation to all of the dedicated traders who have made this game what it is. It’s been a great run!

Over the next few weeks, all new propositions will feature payout statements that will resolve before the game ends. Ramp up your short-term predictions engines, and build up your net worth. At the end of the month, the top 100 traders will be immortalized on PopSci.com in a PPX Hall of Fame.

On June 1, PopSci.com will introduce a new interactive game: the PopSci Quiz. The Quiz will give you the chance to really let your science and technology smarts shine. We’ll see you there!