PPX Leagues was created with classrooms in mind; the leagues provide a fun, interactive and engaging way for teachers on all levels to bring the real and ever-evolving worlds of science and technology into the classroom. We encourage you to create PPX Leagues within, or among, your classrooms, and to share with us the ways in which you’ve used the PPX Leagues to enhance your curriculums and enrich your classroom discussions.

We will award a PPX Leagues Classroom Award to three classrooms (or groups of collaborating classrooms within a school or school system) each year. Our first winners will be chosen on May 5, 2009. Each winning classroom will receive one free subscription to Popular Science magazine, one free subscription to Science Illustrated magazine, an PPX Leagues Classroom Award certificate signed by Popular Science Editor-in-Chief, Mark Jannot, and an article about the winning classroom, and its use of the PPX Leagues, on’s main page.

To enter to win the PPX Leagues Classroom Award, please send the following information to

1. Your Name

2. Grade and Subject You Teach

3. How did you organize your classes/classes into leagues? (I.e. did you create multiple leagues within one class, between different classes you teach, between other classes within one school or school system, between different grades?)

4. How did you use the leagues in relation to the rest of your curriculum?

5. What time frame did you use for competition among the leagues in your class/classes? (I.e. did you create a weekly or monthly contest? Did your contests last for longer than this?)

6. What was your favorite thing about bringing PPX Leagues into your classroom?

We look forward to receiving your entries– Good Luck!