Thanks for your patience, PPXers, as we make our way through the many year-end payouts on those halted 12/31 and 1/1 stocks. Read on for the reasoning behind some of those that have paid out thus far. Please always feel free to email with questions, suggestions, and tips, too:


Blu Ray is doing well, but not quite well enough to meet the prop payout criteria of populating 14.4 million US homes. 10.7 Million sure ain’t bad, though.


This one was easy. Read the payout statement closely: This proposition will pay out at POP$100 if is not shut down by January 1, 2009.

It’s still going strong, so some of you lucky winners just made 100 Pop Dollaz. Nice job.

FAA: Long.
There is evidence in a variety of places that regulations were changed, although there doesn’t seem to have been a big announcement when this happened. The airlines certainly noticed, however, and that got a little buzz going. Here’s one direct report of changes: from

“Tulsa World reports the FAA unilaterally imposed extended rest period guidelines for pilots on certain international routes last fall. The new regs — requiring longer rest periods for pilots flying more than 16 consecutive hours — came after negotiations with Delta Air Lines two years ago over a proposed route from New York JFK to Mumbai, India.”

Looks like this inspired a lawsuit
from American Airlines, even:

“The Allied Pilots Association (APA), certified collective bargaining agent for the 11,500 pilots of American Airlines, termed “unconscionable” American Airlines’ lawsuit opposing enhanced crew-rest and other safety requirements recently enacted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).”

And, “The airlines say that the Federal Aviation Administration bypassed usual rule-making procedures and denied them the right to comment before it notified American Airlines and Continental Airlines Inc. of the new rules in late October.”

Congrats to those who bet long on this one, and thanks to those PPXers who helped sniff out the info without a big news release to go on.


Everyone’s asking about ARTLUNG. There’s some conflicting information out there, so this payout may reverse. More research in progress. Stay tuned.

And, some news on NETFLIX: we can’t close this until we see some Q4 numbers, so keep an eye out!

Happy New Year PPXers, and happy trading!