It appeared, for a few minutes, that YOUTUBE would be our fastest closing stock in PPX history;…

That there is a link to the MGM story that’s got us all buzzing. MGM’s not on the payout list, so we’re not closing for it. We’re going to keep it open b/c the conditions of the payout statement have not been met, and we’re not at payout deadline (more deals could take place before then).

Taderboi pointed out in a genius six degrees of separation-esque email that HBO and YouTube have a partnership, and HBO is owned by Paramount. For clarity’s sake– and b/c corporate America is too incestuous for us to take anything but a puritanical approach– we’re going to focus only on direct partnerships for this prop.

So, keep watching youtube (especially all of the awesome videos), and keep on trading on PPX.

Taylor Hengen
Acting Digital Content Manager

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