Important Announcement for PPX Users!

Hi PPX Users,

As per a discussion on the PPX forums (Please see
the thread) regarding the stock PASSCRX, a decision has been made to halt this stock on Friday (9/26), and pay out at Pop$100.

The spirit of this prop, and the wording in its closeout criteria, conflict, but the language is clear in stating “any other type of vehicle” in its closeout criteria… Users have identified a number of vehicles that do achieve a higher gas milage than the 1987 Honda Civic CRX.
We’ll avoid this type of conflicted language in the future, as we are implementing a new system by which users can review stocks before they go live (also beginning on Friday, in the forums via “community” after you’ve signed in). In this way, we’ll clarify the stocks and ensure that their closeout criteria is consistent and complete.

I welcome all of you to join in on forums discussions, and on reviewing stocks before they go live. Thanks so much for your flexibility. Please feel free to email me any questions that you might have (

Thanks again,

Taylor Hengen
Acting Digital Content Manager,