We have a few delistings and halts going on today. First, despite the bad news for HD-DVD that surfaced last week, there were more titles available on HD-DVD than Blu-Ray at the year’s end. And so our HDVSBLU prop pays out at $100. The market missed out on this one: trading was halted at $47.25 per share.

Meanwhile, at the Macworld keynote speech this morning, Jobs finally publicized the iPhone sales figures: 4 million since its June 29th debut. IPSALES was set to pay out if Apple sold more than 4 million; falling ever so short, it closes at $0. High hopes for Apple, here: It halted at $69.50.

Two other Macworld-related stocks, 3GIPHON and NWTON, have been halted. We’ll make the official call once the expo is over. Thanks for playing and, as always, happy trading!