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Three-in-one charging cable

Anker Amazon

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Anker’s Powerline II cable is currently 25 percent off. What makes this cable so cool is that it acts as three chargers—lighting cable, USB-C, and Micro USB—in one. That means fewer tangled wads in your bag. You can get it now for just $11 if you use the code ANKER436.

Electric power washer

Roav Amazon

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If you’ve got seasons’ worth of dirt and grime on your brick grout, house siding, or car exterior, you’ll be happy to know Anker’s Roav brand just released its new HydroClean power washer—and its available for 20 percent off if you use the code ANKERPRE at checkout. The electric-powered device comes with three nozzle types and two hoses—35-foot and 19.6-foot options—that spray 1.78 gallons per minute, or about 2,100 PSI. You can get one today for $160.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plugs

TP-Link Amazon

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Smart outlets are a great buy if you’re somebody interested in (1) monitoring your energy usage, (2) controlling your devices remotely via your smartphone, or (3) want your outlets to be able to talk to your Amazon devices. These particular Wi-Fi plugs are on sale for 36 percent off. At $19, this is the cheapest I’ve seen the smart home device. If you’re unsure how exactly you’d use something like this, consider window-unit air conditioners. With a smart plug you don’t have to expend the energy keeping the A/C on all day in order to come home to a cool apartment. $19.

Deals on mugs

Think Geek Think Geek

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I’ve got a big old smile on my mug from looking at these these mug deals on Think Geek. Right now, you can save 50 percent on drinking vessels like shark attack cups—it’s Shark Week!—constellation pint glasses, and Jabba the Hut coffee mugs. Be sure to use the code MUGO at checkout.


Shop Succulents Amazon

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Once renovations on my apartment are finally, finally done, I’m going to fill my apartment with plants. Instead of jumping into larger potted varieties, I’m going for cuter, smaller succulents, which I am much less likely to kill, I hope. Today only, you can save $12 on 20 succulents that come in 2 x 2-inch pots. Each succulent comes with a guide to help you take care of the plant. Get a set today for $28.

Trade-in program

Send in your old tablet for a gift card and 25 percent off a newer model. Amazon

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Amazon’s trade-in program is pretty good deal. If you’ve got an old Fire tablet that you don’t use or are thinking about upgrading to a newer model, you can send it back to Amazon and get 25 percent off a newer model. It’s an easy, ethical way to recycle your e-waste, plus you get a new version for cheaper. Go here to fill out the form and see how much money you can get back.

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