Maybe your office’s thermostat caters to men in suits or perhaps you and your roommate can’t agree on a temperature and you’re always freezing. Space heaters are an inexpensive way to boost the heat in just one room. Here are some of our favorites.

For small rooms: Brightown Ceramic Space Heater

Built-In Carrying Handle

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Weighing in at just three pounds, this heater is one of the most compact options available. It comes with two heating options, one fan setting, and overheating protection. Just don’t use this heater anywhere it could get wet—like the bathroom. If the machine tilts, it automatically shuts off to prevent fires.

Covers 225 feet: Mr. Heater Propane Radiant Heater

Automatically Shuts Off When Tipped Over

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This Mr. Heater is indoor-safe, but also great if you’re planning on spending time camping in the frigid air. Fueled by propane, this 9-pound heater can run for up to three hours straight and cover 225 square feet. It comes with a built-in igniter to fire it up to either low or high heat.

Speedy warming: Auzkin Personal Portable Ceramic Oscillating Heater

Features Flame Retardant PTC Material

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The Auzkin is made of flame retardant PTC material so it’s one of the safest choices. The nice thing about this heater is that, unlike the other options, it rotates 45 degrees to spread the warmth. At under three pounds, this space heater is great if you need to move it from room-to-room or just squeeze it underneath your desk.