If you have a smartphone, it’s safe to say that at one point you’ve run out of battery and realized how you could barely function without it. Things aren’t going to change anytime soon, so whether you’re going on a day trip, a weekend trip, or a month-long adventure, make sure you’ve always got backup juice. You’ll likely need your phone to navigate, figure out where to eat or stay, or communicate with family and friends. A portable battery will relieve some of the stress that comes with knowing your battery is about to die and will help you reach your next destination (which hopefully has an outlet). Here are some of the best chargers to consider taking with you on your next adventure.

When you need a lot of reserve. Amazon

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If you’re looking for an external charger that’ll last you for as long as possible, the mophie powerstation XXL is the way to go. This charger will give you up to 73 hours of battery, which is more than the other chargers on this list. One thing to note about this .93-pound charger is that it’s a little heavier than other portable chargers. But if weight isn’t an issue, this one is perfect for extended multi-day trips, especially if you’re going somewhere without electricity.

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The Anker PowerCore is a reliable charger that’ll give your phone between 4 and 7 charges, depending on the phone and model. The charging speed is fast and the battery life is reliable. Another thing to note is that it’s not too heavy either—only .78 pounds. It takes about 10 hours to charge this one, and it comes with two USB ports so you can charge two devices at a time.

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The dual-charging Belkin Pocket Power will charge your phones around 3 times. The battery life on this one is somewhere in the middle of this list. But even though it’s less than some of the other chargers on this list, this one is definitely a good option. It’s also extremely light—only .2 pounds—and three charges is, after all, quite a bit and depending on your phone will last you more than a full day.

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The Nexgadget Solar Charger was built for the outdoors. It works both as a traditional charger and as a solar battery. It’s rain-proof as well as shock-proof and comes with a built-in LED flashlight, which will surely come in handy on your next outdoor trip. It does way almost a pound, which is something to consider if weight is a concern for you. But if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sun without access to outlets, you’ll get the most out of this charger.