The Popular Science staff is full of gadget nerds (surprise, surprise). And while we are open-minded about every new product that comes across our desks, we also have impassioned and differing opinions about pretty much everything in the world of consumer tech. Some of us like iOS better than Android. Others will go to bat for the Microsoft Surface Pro. And at least one of us thinks the Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator was the best gadget of all time.

Now you can listen to us analyze and opine on the latest tech news in podcast form: introducing the PopSci Tech Podcast, a weekly discussion show featuring a rotating cast of editors, reporters, experts, and other special guests.

Each episode will focus on a few different subjects to come up in tech news recently. Our conversations will be completely unscripted, and will often focus on the subjects we’ve reported on for the Popular Science tech section, though we won’t restrict ourselves to just those topics. But no matter what we talk about, you can be assured we will be giving you our deepest thoughts and hottest takes. The first three episodes are already up on SoundCloud, all produced by Popular Science social media editor Jason Lederman and assistant editor Claire Maldarelli, and all featuring theme music from Adhesive Wombat. Have a listen now, and check back next week for more!

And if you want more Popular Science in audio form, be sure to check out Futuropolis, our new podcast about the inventions, discoveries, and trends that will shape our lives in the future.