Learn the science of making music from world-class pros with Noiselab

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Thanks to software like Ableton, anyone can create chart-topping music at home. However, making sweet music is harder than you might think. Noiselab helps you master the process, from music theory to production, with 45 hours of video tutorials from top pros. You can get a lifetime membership to this learning library now for just $29 at the PopSci Shop.

As Deadmau5 has proven time and time again, you don’t even need to play an instrument to be a musician. But to produce hit records, you still need to understand music theory. Noiselab takes you inside the mind of world-class Ableton experts, with tutorials on every aspect of music production.

The tutorials teach you how to write great music by analyzing the work of well-known artists. You get a step-by-step guide to how each track was made, right from the creative spark to the finished song.

You learn from certified Ableton experts, who have many years of industry experience to call on. Alongside the lessons, Noiselab gives you access to some great project templates—the ideal starting point for your music career.

Lifetime membership is usually $1,140, but you can join now for only $29.