Pokémon Go Is This Week's New Advertising Scheme

Prepare to see endless references to the game. Everywhere.

Pokémon Go in Advertising

Pokémon Go in Advertising

Pokémon Go is showing up everywhere (and we mean everywhere).Twitter/Planned Parenthood

Pokémon Go may have caught on in massive numbers, changing the digital landscape, but the popularity of the game means that we're in for a real deluge of spoofing, awkward, and sometimes ill-advised advertising and social media. And right now the biggest opportunists are brands trying to ride the coattails.

It's not just about the social media wars between normal people and the hate-speech-spewing Westboro Baptist Church.

Just take a look at some of the inexpensive, clever social advertising coming out of this app's soaring popularity:

And I mean...

Yeah. Maybe we've gone too far.