Best of 2017: get two flameless plasma lighters for under $30

They’re splash-proof, windproof and approved by the TSA.

In our Best of 2017 countdown, we are revisiting some of the year’s most popular deals at the PopSci Shop. For day two, we are focusing on the Plasma Torch Lighter. This innovative device is splash-proof and windproof, meaning you can always get a light. It’s also rechargeable and TSA-approved. You can grab a two-pack now for $29.99—and use code BESTOF17 for an extra 17 percent off.

These lighters use plasma wave technology to make a beam that’s hotter than fire. Unlike traditional plasma lighters, it can be used on flat surfaces. You don’t need any butane—just charge the battery before you leave home, and you’ll get 300 uses from each lighter. Breathing in gas doesn’t do you much good and it damages the environment, so this is a definite upgrade.

What’s more, these lighters can work in all types of weather. Whether you need a cigarette or want to start the campfire, having these lighters will make all the difference. You can even take them traveling, thanks to TSA clearance.

Normally $199.98, the Plasma Torch two-pack is now only $29.99.