Indoor plants can make any space feel brighter, fresher, and homier. Not only do plants quite literally clean your air, they also add some much-needed greenery to what some may describe as drab city apartments. These essentials are great for any type of plant parent, be that a horticulture newbie or the head of a large family of plant “children.”

Bringing the sunshine into your home. Amazon

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If you live in a tiny apartment with one window, but you still want the magic of plants in your home, consider picking up a grow light. These 9-watt LED bulbs provide either a balanced spectrum light for non-flowering plants or red light for fruits and flowers. The great thing about these bulbs is that they are pleasant enough to replace regular light bulbs, so your plants can thrive in your everyday apartment lighting.

Finding the best spot in your home. Amazon

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If you’re blessed enough to have a home with lots of natural light, you probably don’t have a problem finding plants for your home; however, this light meter can help you better shop for plants for your space. This little device is used to help detect lumens per square meter, also known as the intensity of light. It’s often used in film and photography, but is also great for figuring out where exactly to put your most sensitive greenery.

Smart technology for your plants. Amazon

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The North Plant Monitor tracks your plant’s overall wellbeing and syncs that info with an app on your phone. Simply place the device into the soil and the monitor will start sending you notifications when your plants need watering, light, or a bit more heat. It also makes suggestions based on the reading and tracks your plant’s progress.

Easier hydration. Amazon

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If you have a history of killing your houseplants due to over or under watering, the Blazin’ Bison Indoor Plant Watering Bulb could save your sprouts. Just fill up the bulb and insert into the soil; the plants will take the water they need from the bulb. The hand-blown glass bulbs are also delicate, colorful additions to your planters.