This Photo Of A Pregnant Pony Uterus Just Won A Wellcome Award

It’s not every day you get to see the uterus of a pony displayed in such a way to reveal the five-month-old fetus that was growing inside. Captured on film, this slightly creepy museum piece is the overall winner of the 2015 Wellcome Image Awards.

“It evokes many different emotions at once: it’s fascinating, sad, macabre, almost brutal,” contest judge James Cutmore said on the Wellcome Image Awards website about why he chose the picture. “Yet the subject is also delicate, detailed and beautiful.”

The Wellcome Trust is a biomedical research charity based in London. Its image collection contains health and science photos and renderings.

Here are some of the other finalists, which were announced on March 11.

A digital illustration of pollen grains. Maurizio De Angelis, courtesy Wellcome Images
3D-printed nylon lungs in a ribcage from a Hodgkin lymphoma patient. Dave Farnham, courtesy Wellcome Images
Cross section of a cat’s tongue captured using a polarized light micrograph. David Linstead, courtesy Wellcome Images
A full paediatric sensory unit, which is designed to distract children undergoing hospital procedures. Geraldine Thompson, CMFT, courtesy Wellcome Images
Drug-releasing depots in a mouse’s lungs, via confocal micrograph. Gregory Szeto, Adelaide Tovar, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Koch Institute, copyright MIT, courtesy Wellcome Images
A light microscopy image of a parasitoid wasp. Andrew Polaszek, Natural History Museum, courtesy Wellcome Images
Greenfly eye, taken by a scanning electron microscope. Prof. M. Hausser, Sarah Rieubland & Arnd Roth, UCL, courtesy Wellcome Images