Essential travel kits for active pets

Watson will rate adventures with you 15/10.

dog head out window
Ultimate walkies.Emerson Peters via Unsplash

One of the biggest joys of having an animal companion is exploring the world together. Contemplating the vast landscape from a mountain peak, spending the day in a new city, or simply visiting friends are grand adventures with a pet by your side. Just like us, making sure basic needs are met and preparing for challenges are key to making the most finicky pets fun to hang out with on the road. These pet travel kits are great options to keep your focus on discovering new experiences—and enjoying every moment of the journey.

Top Dog Travel Bag
Don’t forget to pack Busy Bee.Amazon

This handsome grey option has two insulated and water-resistant food carriers, holding up to 30 cups of food or treats (for a very good boy). A variety of zippered compartments, collapsible silicone food/water bowls, and a magnetic front pocket keep items neatly stored and easily accessible. It also features airline-friendly dimensions, a luggage sleeve, and detachable shoulder strap.

Houndy! Dogs Travel Bag
Your pup isn’t the only one with looks.Amazon

If your weekends are full of back-country trail-hiking and river-fording (or if you want it to appear that way), this handsome waterproof canvas bag is a must. It features ample food storage in two lined containers (enough for 30 cups), BPA-free silicone bowls, and room for your favorite towels and leashes. Available in Juniper Green or Midnight Blue with brass-finished hardware.

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit
For when they won’t “leave it."Amazon

This kit has the basics from gauze to antiseptic to immediately care for your pet in the event of an accident. The best part is the manual explaining how to check vital signs and what to do in different scenarios, including choking, broken bones, and wounds.

Misyue Cat Collapsible Litter Box
Inside the car AND inside the box.Amazon

If you have a cat who loves to travel, congratulations! If not, having a portable litter box that folds up to a little bigger than a wallet can make trips more pleasant. Suitable for small and medium-sized pets, it is made out of nylon with a waterproof and washable PEVA lining. By adding a mat, it can even double as a bed.