Learn python programming for under $25 in this four-course bundle

Get a head start in computer science and watch the career doors open.

In nearly every sector, career doors open when you know how to write programs from scratch. The Perfect Python Programming Bundle helps you jump on this gravy train, with four immersive courses. You don’t need any previous experience, and the bundle is now just $24.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

From intelligent cars to Big Data in medicine, coding skills are valued universally. Instead of going back to school, you can quite easily learn to code in your spare time. Through four video courses, the Perfect Python Programming Bundle teaches one of the hottest languages around.

You’ll learn through hands-on tutorials, and the first two courses are aimed at beginners. Beginning with the basic structure of Python and the data types you will encounter, you’ll improve until you’re writing your first simple programs. The Advanced course shows you how to build network programs and SQL databases, and even extend existing Python scripts.

Normally worth $1,180 put together, these courses are now just $24.99 with lifetime access included.