PDF expert for Mac lets you edit PDFs like word files

This award-winning app is also great for collaboration, and it's now 50 percent off.

PDFs are great for sharing, but really difficult to edit with the standard software on macOS. In contrast, PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac won an Apple Editors’ Choice award for its editing prowess. The app allows you to make corrections, add new content and collaborate with your colleagues. Right now, you can get the app for $29.99 via the Popular Science Shop—and save an extra 22 percent with code PDF22.

Editing documents with PDF Expert is like working with Word files. You simply click anywhere and start typing to make changes. Along with text, you can insert images, links and outlines with ease. The app also offers extensive annotation tools for adding comments and suggestions.

Along with editing, the app can handle forms. This means you can easily fill out tax records and official documents, and sign using your trackpad. You can merge multiple PDFs together, and protect sensitive documents with a password. PDF Expert lets you sync documents across multiple devices, while the built-in sharing features make it easy to collaborate.

PDF Expert 2.2 is normally $59.99, but you can get it now for $29.99—and remember to use code PDF22 for the extra savings.