With instant sync and media previews, Dropbox is great for business. But the paid plans are pretty expensive when you just want to back up your photos and share work files. Now, there is a real alternative—pCloud offers all the same features as Dropbox, but with twice the storage for a fraction of the cost. Right now, you can get one year on the Premium Plus plan for just $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

To get 2TB of storage with Dropbox would set you back at least $150 per year. But with pCloud, secure storage is truly affordable. The platform lets you sync files between multiple devices and stream media files straight from the cloud. PCloud can also upload your camera roll and even back up data from other online accounts, including Dropbox, Good Drive, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can access all your files via any web browser or through the native apps on desktop and mobile. Your data is protected by 256 TLS/SSL encryption, and pCloud lets you share files securely with your friends and co-workers.

Order now for $29.99 to get one year on the Premium Plus plan and save 68 percent on the regular price.