Partner Post: Galxyz And Popular Science Are Teaming Up!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at Galxyz, the creators of the kid-friendly science adventure game Blue Apprentice, which will deliver science stories in a whole new way for audiences ages 6-12! From now on, when you visit Popular Science online, keep an eye out for the Blue Apprentice character icon to the right of the headline on select articles. If you click on this icon, you’ll see a video version of the article set in the Blue Apprentice galaxy and narrated by the game’s fun-loving characters.

You’ll also have the opportunity to play the subscription-based game for yourself (Blue Apprentice is available for desktop computers, iOS and Android devices).

Finally, you can visit our new microsite with Galxyz, which features the latest video articles and access to the game.

And if you’d like to hear more details about the game and the partnership, you’ll want to tune into our Facebook Live broadcast with Galxyz today at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

We hope that together, our new partnership will be able to further to inspire and educate young people interested in science, tech, engineering, math, or any of the other cool futuristic topics we cover here at Popular Science.

Read the full press release on the partnership below: