See Maker Faire up close and personal by peering through a paper Foldscope.

Oh Hey Spiral Galaxy NGC 3274

NASA’s Hubble telescope snapped this image of a spiral galaxy more than 20 million light years away from Earth. The image is a combination of five different filters, incorporating ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light into one shot. If you look closely you can see another galaxy—PGC 213714—in the upper right corner.

Silver Linings

Astronauts above the Philippine Sea took this shot from aboard the International Space Station. They actually aimed their camera toward the sun, which emphasizes the clouds’ shadows and produces a dramatic 3D effect.

The Most Luxurious Private Jet

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is designed to carry 280 people across oceans and between continents. But one special model has been converted to a private plane, complete with a master bedroom and five bathrooms. It’s slightly smaller than the average U.S. home, but nearly 100 times the price.

How was your Thanksgiving? Was the turkey dry? We’ve got a few tips to make sure your bird is cooked to perfection every time.