This portable vacuum can create 50 percent more luggage space in 90 seconds

Pick up the Pacum vacuum sealer now for $49.99.

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When you are packing for a vacation lasting a week or longer, luggage space is always a problem. Vacuum bags offer a neat solution, compressing your clothes by pumping out the air trapped inside. The Pacum Luggage Space-Saving Vacuum helps gain 50 percent more luggage space in just 90 seconds, and it’s smaller than your iPhone. You can grab this essential travel accessory now for just $49.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Vacuum packing clothes is not a new idea—however, most pumps are too big to take on vacation. As a result, you can’t easily compress your clothes again when it is time to come home. In contrast, Pacum measures just 3.4 inches long.

It might be small, but this vacuum packs a punch. The 65Kpa/9.4Psi pump compresses your clothes to half their original volume in seconds. Using the supplied adapter, you can also use Pacum to compress food bags and inflate your air mattress.

The device offers three different modes, including boost and eco. Even at full power, it reaches just 60dB (no louder than listening to a conversation in a busy restaurant.)

It is normally $59.99, but you can grab Pacum now for $49.99.