There’s something comforting about hearing wind chimes among raindrops, distant sirens, and traffic on busy streets. When a storm wakes you up in the middle of the night, the sound of bells can remind you that you’re at home in your cozy bed, and it’s okay to go back to sleep.

Even if you don’t have any outdoor space, you can add the sound of chimes and bells to your home’s ambiance as long as you have a window that opens. Here are our favorite picks for bringing peaceful tones into your daily life.

Classic look: UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

Pleasantly Pitched

They’re tuned to a major pentatonic scale, so you’ll enjoy resonant mid-range tones when the breeze drops in for a visit. Amazon

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Copper red pipes are handsomely complemented by a bamboo striker and windcatcher in this large set of chimes. At about 2.5 feet in length from the ring holding the chimes to the bottom of the windcatcher, these are best for a garden, patio, or porch where they won’t dominate the decor.

Nicest looking: Nalulu Classic Wind Chime

Like A Tiny Marimba

This cluster of pipes offers a gentle and soothing sound similar to a mallet striking a wooden xylophone. Amazon

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Installing this large set (42 inches from hook to wind catcher) in a city backyard will give you a welcome contrast to the sound of tires on pavement and the metallic scraping of delivery truck cargo doors. With a stainless steel hook and double-varnished wood, this chime is built to withstand the elements, though you’ll want to hang it out of direct sunlight to preserve the nylon string.

Metallic tones: Kotobuki Japanese Wind Chime

Delicate And Tiny

Delightfully small pick for your porch. Amazon

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Japanese ironware bells are perfect for apartments with a balcony or to hang just inside your window frame for days when you are taking advantage of fresh air. Inspired by a temple bell, this green cast iron beauty comes with a paperhanger to catch the wind. Rain and gales can damage delicate paper, so you’ll want to replace the hanger from time to time—leaving the opportunity to create your own with a few words of poetry, a tribute to someone’s memory, or seasonal design.

Sounds of the ocean: North Country Wind Bells

Most Unique

Makes you feel like you’re at the beach. Amazon

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Even if the sea is a thousand miles away from your home, you can still enjoy the sound of buoys clanking as this wind chime rocks from the power of wind and tide. This unique triangular bell chime includes a wind catcher with a distinct diamond wave shape. It’s made of 60 percent recycled steel and powder-coated in black, for a simple and rugged look.