Inspired by the eclipse? This telescope helps you explore the Universe

Get 90x magnification and a rock-steady tripod for under $60.

From distant, dying stars to our beautiful next-door neighbors, the night sky is filled with highlights. With the Outdoor Monocular Telescope, you can check out Saturn’s rings all night long. This powerful instrument magnifies objects 90 times over, while the supplied portable tripod provides a rock-steady base. You can currently get the kit for just $58.99 over at the Popular Science Shop.

The space telescopes you see on TV are often bigger than a house. But for casting your eye around the solar system and peeking at gas clouds, this compact scope will serve you well. The 50mm optical glass objective lens gathers all the available light to deliver a bright view of celestial bodies. The lens magnifies your target 90 times over, and the image is crystal clear.

To use such a powerful lens, you need a solid foundation. The supplied aluminum tripod is very strong, yet small enough to pack into your car. Meanwhile, the scope itself comes with all the essentials: a telescope tube, diagonal mirror, three eyepieces, and Barlow lens. Along with stargazing, you can use this telescope for checking out distant details here on Earth.

It’s normally $199.99, but you can grab the telescope now for $58.99.