Your dog is up for anything. Boating? You’ve got a captain. Exploring the countryside on your motorcycle? You’ve got a sidekick in the sidecar. Trekking to the summit? You’ve got someone to share snack breaks with. Dogs who are eager to please will follow you to the ends of the earth with just the fur on their backs. It’s your responsibility to keep them warm, dry, and comfortable—and make sure their eyes and paws are protected from harm.

Keep away the shivers. Amazon

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Explore the snow-covered landscape together knowing Ginger’s coat can combat damp as well as chill. Made from technical stretch fabric and synthetic insulation, this zippered jacket with sleeves fits snug, maximizes warmth, and is meant for movement. The reflective trim and a loop to attach a safety light (like Ruffwear’s The Beacon) provides added visibility in low-light conditions.

Go ahead, throw that stick. Amazon

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Just because dogs can swim doesn’t mean they don’t need a life jacket for the same reasons we do in an emergency—like an unexpected injury or fatigue. Outfit your dog in this by adjusting the chest straps and securing the belly buckles. Two handles on top make it easier to lift your dog to safety, and the foam panels include a neck float to help keep their head above water. Carefully consult the sizing chart, take some measurements, and factor in the unique shape of your dog to ensure the right fit.

It’s like a constant hug. Amazon

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Everyone knows a dog like Boo, who hides in the shower in a storm. Make the Boo in your life happier with this jacket that claims an 80 percent success rate in calming canines. The machine-washable and breathable fabric applies pressure to your pup (which you can adjust) similar to swaddling a baby or giving a hug. Soothe active pets when thunder echoes around your campsite, and don’t let fireworks stop you from your daily walks.

Yes, you can call them doggles. Amazon

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These performance specs are not simply for cute wind-blown social media snaps (though you might want to take some). Eyewear for dogs can be important protection against the sun as well as airborne dirt and debris. Ask your vet about your pooch’s needs. This single lens style allows a wider field of vision than separate lenses, and they’re rated an impressive UV400 (blocks close to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays). You’ll need to train your pal to get used to these, but they’ll soon be back to chasing that frisbee—and you’ll have a little more peace of mind.

These boots were made for walkies. Amazon

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Dog shoes are undeniably cute. But these paw covers are as tough as your golden retriever is sweet. Stroll the summer streets without fear of hot pavement, wander the bramble-covered hillside with ease, and pick your way across those wet stones together with confidence, knowing she’s also got anti-slip soles. Each set is waterproof, washable, and reflective, for comfort day and night.