Orbiter is the quietest fidget toy around and full of magnetic fun

Keep your excess energy under control and save 57 percent off MSRP.

You may have noticed that fidget toys are pretty popular now. They are great for using up excess energy, but you can’t usually use them in meetings or other serious situations. The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy is different—with minimal friction, it’s the most discreet spinner around. You can grab one now at the Popular Science Shop for $16.99.

While our ancestors needed to look out for bears, that part of our brain isn’t very useful in the modern-day office. Fidget spinners work by calming the subconscious nerves and burning off energy. The Orbiter offers all the same satisfaction without the distracting sound.

To start spinning, you simply stick the supplied ball bearing to the magnetic axis. You then hold the Orbiter between your thumb and finger. The ergonomic shape is designed to be comfortable for long periods, and this toy is built for everyday use. It’s also incredibly compact, so you can easily slip the Orbiter into your top pocket.

This precision spinner is normally $39.99, but you can get the Orbiter now for just $16.99.