Twitter threw us all for a loop today when it announced it was shutting down its video sharing service Vine, about four years after it launched. The mobile app became popular for its short, 6-second clips, which were capable of being made with very little editing. Although users will be able to download all the videos they created, and the Vine website will stay online, the mobile app used to make Vines will be discontinued. We’ll miss seeing all the explosions and cool science demonstrations. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite science vines, from vinegar volcanoes to outer space. RIP.

1) Zero Gravity

2) A Light Bulb Powered By Potatoes

3) A Vinegar Volcano

4) How Dogs Drink Water

5) How The Brain Makes Memories

6) Photosynthesis

7) Bending Water With Static Electricity

8) A Seahorse Giving Birth

9) Paper Towel Osmosis

10) Underwater Gunshot

11) Metal Ion Flames

12) Refraction Of Light

13) An Ant Drinking Water

14) Dry Ice

15) The View From The International Space Station

16) How Sound Waves Travel

17) Liquid Nitrogen Explosion

18) Coral Growing

19) Acoustic Levitation

20) An Alcohol Rocket