The MightyMak telescope lets you explore both Earth & Space above

Save 17 percent on this compact dual-purpose scope.

Most telescopes are designed either for daytime viewing or night-time astronomy. But the Omegon Maksutov Telescope MightyMak 60 can do both. This versatile little scope feeds your curiosity around the clock, and you can even use it for taking long-range photos. You can pick up the MightyMak with a carry bag now for only $109.99 at the PopSci Shop.

This is the perfect telescope for people who enjoy looking at birds as much as studying distant galaxies. The iconic Maksutov design means you get impressive magnification from a small telescope—this one weighs only 0.6 kg. In spite of such tiny dimensions, the Omegon scope delivers sharp images of distant details and the night sky.

In addition, the MightyMak is pretty easy to customize. For instance, the T-2 thread lets you connect your camera to the scope and start snapping photos. You can also use the supplied prism rail to attach the MightyMak to most astronomical mounts. The MightyMak even has a finder shoe, meaning you can add your own finder.

It’s normally $134, but you can order the MightyMak 60 now for just $109.99.