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Oculus’ virtual reality story about a “hedgehog” won an Emmy last night. Oculus

Oculus took home its first Emmy last night for its short film, Henry. This marks another milestone for the once-gimmicky format’s clout amongst serious filmmakers and storytellers.

Henry introduces the Rift-wearing audience to a tiny, lonely creature of the same name, who emotes like he’s going for, well, an Emmy. The short is directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau, formerly of Pixar, and narrated by Elijah Wood.

“When you watch Henry in virtual reality, you feel like you’re actually in his world, looking around and interacting with him,” Mark Zuckerburg, who also owns Oculus, wrote in a Facebook post last night. “Henry is a great example of how VR is going to change storytelling. Congrats to the Oculus Story Studio team on their big win, and I’m excited to share more big news about Oculus at our developer conference next month.”

Oculus’ next film, Dear Angelica, previewed at Sundance this year and is set to get us right in the feels, again, later this year.

If full-length films start vying for VR glory, get ready for a whole lot more Oculus Face.

Correction 9/20, 9:06 a.m.: A previous version of this article stated this was the first Emmy for the VR industry. The first company to win an Emmy for VR user experience and visual design was Canadian studio Secret Location, in 2015., for Sleepy Hollow.