This Octopus Carrying A Coconut Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever

Eight arms, all awww
Octopus on the half shell

Octopus and coconut? It’s not a flavor pairing. In the adorable video above you can watch an octopus lugging two coconut shells across the seafloor like a huge load of groceries before setting them down and crawling inside to rest.

Scientists have known about the combination of octopuses and coconuts for a few years now. Back in 2009 researchers first observed the phenomenon, watching octopuses carry coconuts across the seafloor and use them as mini-hideouts later. It was the first time that anyone had observed invertebrates using tools.

Since then, we’ve trained octopuses to take pictures, learned that octopus’ skin can sense light and invented a robot surgeon with octopus tentacles. Forget the Anthropocene, it’s clearly the age of the octopus, and we’re just living in it.