Your Design Could Be 3D-Printed In Space

Enter the competition by October 7

Even if you’re not an astronaut, something of yours might make it to space eventually.

A competition from Mouser Electronics is challenging engineers to submit a design to their 2016 ISS Design Challenge. The winning design will eventually be 3D printed on the ISS, where crew members have been printing off tools since 2014.

The design can be just about anything, from a tool, to a research experiment, to an ‘item for entertainment’. Judging the competition will be former Mythbuster Grant Imahara and former ISS Commander Chris Hadfield.

All designs have to adhere to strict guidelines including the decree that “items aboard the ISS should not have sharp corners or points that can possibly puncture a suit or station wall. All objects must have round edges and blunted tips.”

The contest follows on the heels of other projects, like the Star Trek Replicator Challenge which awarded two K-12 students the chance to have a design printed out onboard the ISS. This current contest is open to an older group, including engineering students and engineers. The contest is open until October 7 of this year.