Enter Your Coolest Science Visualizations In the 2017 Vizzies

Once again, Popular Science has teamed up with the National Science Foundation to issue a challenge: Can you visualize a scientific idea, concept, or story in an arresting way? If so, submit your work to the 2017 Vizzies! You can enter over on the NSF site. The competition has five categories: photography, illustration, posters and graphics, interactive, and video, which should cover just about every way to communicate science visually.

We’re accepting submissions through September 15, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. After that, a panel of scientific and visualization experts will choose the winners. Finalists appear online for a global people’s choice vote. Winners—both the people’s choices and the experts’ choices—will be announced in March 2017 and featured online on Popular Science.

Need a little inspiration? Here are last year’s winners. They include an incredibly detailed photo of a three-week-old lobster larva, an interactive graphic of a year in the life of Earth’s CO2, and a visual introduction to machine learning.

Enter today!