This durable Lightning cable has a built-in battery

Get the Nomad battery cable now for $19.99.

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It’s always frustrating when you leave your charging cable at home. But that’s nothing compared with the irritation of remembering your cable and having nowhere to use it. The Nomad 1.5M Battery Lightning Cable solves this problem, with a built-in 2,800mAh power bank. It’s also very durable and longer than the cable provided by Apple. You can grab one now for just $19.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Apple provides every iPhone and iPad owner with a charging cable. But with daily use, these cables usually break.

In contrast, the Nomad Battery Cable is built to last. Wrapped in ballistic nylon, this cable is durable and almost impossible to tangle. It also has a built-in liquid silicone rubber tie to keep things tidy.

With 1.5 meters of cable to work with, you can easily use your charging phone without bending down to the power point. When you’re out of the office, the integrated power bank will keep you going. It has a strong aluminum housing and enough capacity to fully charge an iPhone 8.

You can get the Nomad now for $19.99, saving 59 percent on the MSRP. If you want a durable cable for your desk, you can grab the 0.3M version sans battery for just $10.99.

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