All Darwin, All The Time

You say you want a evolution

Galapagos Tortoise

Matthew Field

Want to know what you would have looked like before you evolved? Upload a picture and see what a pretty early hominid you would have made.

Also in today's links: funny Darwin news, gross Darwin news, and more.

  • Never again should one have to choose between evolutionary science and musical theater. Just follow the lead of this singing Darwinian scholar.
  • The Vatican official yesterday declared that Darwin's theory of evolution was compatible with Christianity, presumably leaving die-hard Creationists to praise Protestantism. Also intriguing: organizers of the papal-backed conference are said to have considered banning Intelligent Design from the event.
  • Darwin was not only a great scientist, he also had stinky feet and a seeming preoccupation with dogs. If he had had a Facebook page, these would be some of his 25 random facts.
  • The Galapagos may not be tapped out, but there are other landscapes waiting for the next Darwin to form some theories there. This list includes such isolated spots as the Canadian Arctic and the very bottom of the sea floor, and also the very intriguing idea of tracking the evolution of metal-eating worms in abandoned mines.
  • Scientists have selected fossils that best show evolution in action, including the "fishapod" (part fish, part tetrapod) and the walking whale. Why do all these illustrations of animals always show a look of malicious glee on the creatures' faces? I don't think that's in the fossil record.