The Nix Mini Sensor lets you capture colors from the real world

This useful design tool is now 30 percent off.

Color makes a big difference in our lives—whether it’s for a work project or designing your living room. When you find the perfect shade for your project, the Nix Mini Color Sensor will let you capture the color so you never forget it. This pocket-sized device works on virtually any object or surface, and it can help you find a matching paint in seconds. Right now, it’s just $69 at the PopSci Shop—that’s 30 percent off.

Finding exactly the right color for any project or purchase can be really difficult. Without seeing the color on the wall, for instance, you can’t easily tell whether it looks right. But with the Nix Mini in your pocket, you can just borrow colors from the world around you. Simply place the device against any flattish surface, and the sensor will detect the color.

You get a result in seconds on your phone via the companion app, including the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB codes. The Nix app will even search through 31,000 brand name paint colors to find the closest match. You can easily save the result of every scan and share your collected colors with friends and colleagues.

The Nix Mini normally retails for $99, but you can grab it now for just $69.