Nix color sensors will help you find the perfect shade for any project

Save up to 30 percent on these real-world color pickers.

When you’re planning a DIY project or designing a new website, creating a color scheme is easier said than done. More often than not, we tend to find inspiration in the real world—a friend’s home, the coffee shop, and so on. Nix Color Sensors allow you to capture the color from any surface and find matching paint. Right now, you can save up to 30 percent on Nix sensors at the PopSci Shop.

Color plays a huge part in design. While red implies passion, green is perceived as organic, and blue feels cool. Colors can even have a psychological effect.

Nix color sensors can help you capture the perfect shade for any project. There are two versions—the Nix Mini and the Nix Pro. The former is perfect for planning your home decor, while the latter is made for professional designers and artists.

Nix Color Sensors
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Both sensors are small enough to fit on your keychain. When you stumble upon an attractive color, you simply place your Nix device flat against the surface. The sensors work on walls, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, and many other materials. In seconds, you get an accurate reading on your phone.

The Nix Mini is easily small enough to fit on your keychain. The sensor can provide the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB codes for any color with impressive accuracy. In addition, the companion app searches through 31,000 paints from major brands to find a perfect match.

The Nix Pro takes things up a notch, with features aimed at creative pros. Along with the codes mentioned above, the Pro sensor delivers CIELAB, LCH, and LRV values. The device also blocks out all ambient light to ensure accurate readings.

Using the Pro version unlocks great new features in the app, as well. You can explore and save color harmonies, import custom libraries, and even conduct A/B tests on the go.

Both sensors are rechargeable, with a battery life that stretches to thousands of scans. The Nix apps are free to download on iOS and Android, and you can easily import your color palettes to Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Worth $99, the Nix Mini is now just $69 with this deal. You can also grab the Nix Pro sensor for $249, saving $100 on the regular price.