The iPhone 7 official release date is still unknown, and avid Apple users are getting antsy to know what new features the popular smartphone will have. This YouTube clip may hint at one feature, or rather, lackthereof.

A new video published by the YouTube account and uncovered by 9to5Mac shows a 3.5 mm headphone adapter that plugs into the iPhone’s lightning port. It was rumored that the newest iPhone was getting rid of the headphone jack entirely, and this adapter may support that theory.

According to the 9to5Mac post, the original poster of this video says the adapter comes directly from a Foxconn facility in Vietnam. Foxconn, which is headquartered in Taiwan, manufactures parts for Apple products.

This seems legit, but until the newest iPhone is released, we won’t know for sure whether or not the adapter is real. If it is, this tiny adapter may make its way into Apple’s newest little white box.

[H/T 9to5Mac]