New Exhibit Uses Augmented Reality To Send You To Mars

Earlier this summer, a busload of kids used virtual reality to take a ride on Mars. Now, a new exhibit (and HoloLens headsets) gives visitors a chance to get even closer to the Red Planet.

The much-anticipated “Destination: Mars” opened September 19 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville, Florida. It features a guided tour of the planet from a holographic Buzz Aldrin, and uses high-resolution imagery from the Curiosity Rover to send visitors to several real sites on Mars. Curiosity driver Erisa Hines also appears to explain how scientists have investigated these areas.

The technology is adapted from a tool called OnSight that allows groups of scientists to virtually explore Mars together, even if they are physically located in different cities.

“Destination: Mars” will be open through January 1, 2017.