On a vast lot in Cupertino, California, Apple is building an immaculate world. Campus 2, the massive expansion of the tech giant’s offices is a tremendous work of engineering, a planned facility dedicated to creating and sustaining the success of the most valuable company in the world.

So what does it look like when a company tries to build a bridge to the future, within the constraints of the present? It looks like a massive, 20,000-car garage, covered in solar panels, that’s what.

The drone-shot footage comes from Sexton Videography, whose latest campus tour shows the under-construction behemoth.

The glass panes, and there are hundreds in the main donut-shaped structure, were specially made in Germany and shipped through the Panama Canal. For more details on the campus, check out Popular Science‘s tour of the under-construction facility from earlier this year.

Over three years ago, Peter Burrows for Bloomberg wrote that “[Late co-founder Steve] Jobs wanted no seam, gap, or paintbrush stroke showing; every wall, floor, and even ceiling is to be polished to a supernatural smoothness.”

See how progress is faring, below: