This course can help you rewire your brain for faster learning

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Whenever you want to learn something new, your brain has to create new connections. The same mechanism allows you to form new habits and adapt to new ideas. Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain is a course that helps you understand this phenomenon and train your brain for learning. Right now, you can get the course for $10.99 at the PopSci Shop.

In essence, the human brain works like a really complex road network. Whenever you learn something new or form a habit, your mind lays down a new stretch of mental asphalt. Your thoughts flow freely along this route—but they struggle to take a different path.

In order to understand new ideas and learn skills, you need to build more connections. This course helps you understand the process and train your brain for neuroplasticity. Delivered by an expert psychologist, the tutorials take a deep dive into behavioral and cognitive science.

Along the way, you learn about enriched environments, the power of words, the art of keeping resolutions, and more. It’s a fascinating journey, and a great way to prepare for the challenges of a new year.

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