NetSpot Home is the secret to stronger Wi-Fi connections

Grab this powerful Wi-Fi analysis app for $19.

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In every home, you will find places where Wi-Fi cannot reach. This strange phenomenon is always frustrating—particularly when your desk is right in the middle of a dead zone. NetSpot Home for Mac and Windows helps you diagnose these problems and find solutions, using a selection of powerful tools. You can grab the app on a lifetime license now for $19 via the PopSci Shop.

More often than not, Wi-Fi problems are caused by objects blocking the signal or other networks causing interference. It’s relatively easy to solve these issues, but only if you have some information to work with.

NetSpot Home lets you create a detailed map of your Wi-Fi network. As you walk around with your laptop, the software surveys the signal strength and builds a heatmap. This allows you to visualize the dead zones and work out how you can fix the problem.

In addition, NetSpot Home lets you scan all the networks in your area. You can sort this data by SSID, channel, vendor, or security. With this information, you can change the settings on your router to avoid interference.

Order now for $19 to grab NetSpot Home (worth $68) with lifetime updates included.

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