Optimize your WiFi network with NetSpot

Fix dead zones and save 72 percent off this top-rated app.

In every home, there are some areas where WiFi signal disappears for no apparent reason. To help you find and fix the dead zones, NetSpot Home makes a heatmap of your network activity. This highly rated app can also troubleshoot connection problems. You can get it now for $19 on Windows or Mac via the Popular Science Shop.

Many WiFi problems can be traced to where your router is placed. Thick walls and even furniture can delay your Internet speed. With NetSpot installed on your laptop, you can scan the signal strength around your home with one click. The app creates a visual map from the data, making it easier to see where and why your WiFi is fading.

NetSpot has several other key features for setting up networks. You can view a complete list of nearby hotspots, ordered by name, channel, security, and more. This means you can optimize the settings on your own router to avoid interference. The app can also run upload and download speed tests, and help you to fix common connection issues.

NetSpot Home is usually $68, but you can grab it now for $19 with lifetime upgrades included.