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Last year’s NBA champions will come to you live, in a Samsung Gear VR near you

The NBA will livestream the Golden State Warriors opening game in virtual reality tonight. With the help of Samsung’s Gear VR and the Next app, Steph Curry and Dub-Nation will come to fans live in 3D video form.

Now that Steph Curry has conquered the iPhone’s movable photos, it seems his next target is virtual reality. To watch the Golden State NBA game live in VR, Galaxy S6 owners will have to download the Next VR app from the Oculus app store. Similar to the 360-degree video Facebook offers users, the virtual-reality-enabled NBA game will allow the audience to pan around the court. With cameras placed around the arena, fans of California basketball will be able to watch the Splash Brothers knock back three-pointers front-and-center.

Talking to the San Diego Tribune, the NBA’s vice president of global media distribution claims VR will could be good for experiencing the game. “Virtual reality delivers amazing vantage points like the NBA All-Star Game from a courtside seat.” Best of all it doesn’t require courtside prices.

Depending on participation, we could see more games offered in this way throughout the season. With more video going in the direction of all-around experiences, fans of the game could find that the next step after high-definition is immersive video.

The Golden State Warriors versus the New Orleans Pelicans will start at 10:30pm ET/7:30pm PT.